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Our Mission Statement


Relationally grounded in Christ, we relentlessly invite others into transformation through clinically excellent and spiritually mature care.

Our Values

Personal Integrity

Because we know that we minister out of our own stories, we encourage each other to pursue ongoing personal transformation as a foundation for helping others.


Biblical Model

We see people and the process of change in a thoroughly Christ-centered and Biblical way.


In Service to the Whole Community

We are committed to helping every client who is motivated to change, regardless of their age, religion, or ability to pay.


A Culture of Goodness

We choose to create a culture that is permeated by God's grace, with love, concern and compassion for each other and the clients we have the privilege of serving.


Open to the Spirit

We hear and respond to the Voice of the Spirit of the One True God in our work.


In Partnership with the Body of Christ

We partner with the Body of Christ to help God's people to grow in maturity and the fullness of Christ.