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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What type of counseling do you offer?
Our message to anyone considering working with us is this: “Prepare to Grow!” We say this because every session at Grace Counseling Center is focused on your transformation and built on a foundation of clinical excellence and spiritual maturity.


Every counselor here has diverse and specialized training and is licensed by the State of Michigan. We can help you discover the type of counseling that is right for you. We have therapists with advanced certifications and training to address problems with depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, resentments, griefwork and child behavior problems, to name a few. We also have several therapists with advanced training in marital therapy, including the only Certified Imago Relationship Therapist in the city of Detroit.


Our staff is also remarkable for their religious and spiritual diversity. Every person on our staff is committed to a life of Christ-centered prayer and depends heavily on God for their own vitality and capacity to work effectively with people. We believe you cannot give what you do not have!  Several of our counselors would be happy to discern with you whether or not some form of inner healing prayer would be appropriate for you. Please be sure to mention your interest in this path to healing when you contact us.


Will counseling help me?
If you are motivated to grow in your capacity to live from your heart more freely and fully, then counseling will probably help. Some people choose counseling only after they have exhausted all other options and still can’t seem to find inner peace and heartfelt passion for life. Others come for counseling in an effort to maximize the love, life and passion in their lives before things get bad. We welcome the privilege of working with you regardless of where you are in your journey. 


What is the fee?
We work hard to make our fees affordable for everyone. In most cases your fee is determined by your total household income and ranges from $54 per session to $125 per session. Dr. Hogan’s fee is $139 per session. A scholarship fund is also available for people who cannot afford counseling. We accept cash, checks, debit cards, MasterCard and Visa. Please contact our office to determine your fee and/or learn more about the scholarship fund.


I can’t afford it. Now what?
You should call us anyway. We are committed to helping every person who is motivated to change, regardless of their ability to pay. Because of the generosity of people in our community who care about you, we can often find a way to make counseling possible through our partial scholarship program.


How do I decide which counselor I should see?
You should call us to discuss what you are looking for. You might also want to see our counselors’ page so that you can get to know them. Because we have such a diverse clinical staff, we can often get you working with someone who has both the training and the spiritual background that will help you feel safe and comfortable.


Do you accept insurance?
We do not work directly with insurance companies. However, many insurance plans will cover the services we provide. We can help you to work with your insurance company to maximize your reimbursement. We will provide a receipt and help you complete the paperwork needed to get reimbursed.


Why don’t you participate with my insurance plan?
We understand that many people struggle to pay for counseling when they cannot use their insurance. However, we have decided to not work with most insurance plans for three basic reasons.


First, insurance plans require that counselors provide a medical diagnosis for every patient, even when it is clear that most people who greatly benefit from counseling do not truly meet criteria for medical illness. While this pressure to work in an ethically blurry environment is a common and accepted practice, we have chosen not to enter it.


Second, we believe that this potentially dishonest practice can unknowingly harm clients. Once a claim for mental health treatment is filed it becomes a part of a person’s medical record. This can have negative and unintended consequences down the road when applying for a job and/or looking for health insurance.


Finally, becoming a participating provider with insurance companies would require that a substantial amount of staff training time be spent developing and teaching policies and procedures that would have little or no positive impact on our clients. Rather, in order to adhere to our mission of grooming clinically excellent and spiritually mature therapists, we focus nearly all of our training hours on spiritual growth and clinical training. Because of this commitment, we are able to focus nearly all of our 60+ hours of annual training on counseling and spirituality.


How long do counseling sessions last?
Most counseling sessions last 50-55 minutes. 


Do you have a psychiatrist on staff?
We do not have a psychiatrist on our staff. We commonly work with primary care physicians to ensure that we understand how your physical health is related to your situation. Often the most appropriate person to handle your medication will be your current physician. If a psychiatric consultation is needed we will help you find the right person in your community.